Bonded Networks

Bonded Network Transmission

Navtech provides field-proven solutions that  bond together multiple IP connections, be they wired or wireless,  to provide a resilient, high bandwidth data ‘pipe’ for reliable data transmission. The connections used are typically multiple 3G / 4G cellular modems, WiMAX,  WiFi,  Ethernet LAN/ WAN  or BGAN channels.

Navtech is a UK representative for the ‘LiveU’ product range. This form of technology is used daily by TV news and sports organisations for live transmission of video (up to HD resolution) from remote locations, direct ‘to air’, using existing cellular and public wired or wireless infrastructures. We have adapted this technology to suit a broader range of requirements in security and surveillance applications.

Using this technology, any video camera can quickly and easily wirelessly deliver its high quality, live imagery from anywhere in the World to a remote IP address and output the video directly to screens for viewing or for onward distribution.