COFDM Microwave Systems

For more than twenty years, Navtech has provided high performance wireless solutions for delivery of video, audio and data. All our current generation systems utilise COFDM digital modulation, recognized to be the most robust technique for reliable, long range transmission in challenging environments.

A broad range of links are available to suit all requirements and budgets.

Many examples of Navtech’s original COFDM ‘Rover’ video link remain in use around the World as a cost effective, high performance digital link for standard definition video. Available in 100mW, 1W or 5W versions, it provided all the RF performance ( range, robustness etc ) of high specification ‘broadcast’ equipment but at modest cost, in a simple to use package. The latest variant now caters for HD video signals, with either HD-SDI or HDMI interfaces.

In addition to its ‘Rover’ range, Navtech has along history in providing COFDM data link systems to satisfy the most demanding long range requirements, be these air-to-ground or ship-to-shore applications. These are based on our ‘state of the art’ 10W transmitter and use multi-diversity receive sites, capable of transmission ranges in excess of 100 km.