COFDM Microwave Systems

Navtech has provided high performance wireless video link systems for more than 20 years. Our latest generation systems all use COFDM digital modulation which provides significantly enhanced performance compared to ‘traditional’ analogue FM methods. Video compression method varies depending on the application, with systems using either  JPEG, MPEG-2 or H264.

A broad range of links are available to suit all requirements and budgets.

Navtech’s Rover range is widely used around the World as a cost effective, high performance link for standard definition video. It is available in 100mW, 1W or 5W versions and provides all the RF performance ( range, robustness etc ) of higher specification equipment, but in a simple to use package. The latest transmitter variant includes a high performance integrated HD/SD downconverter providing the ability to easily interface with HD-SDI cameras.

In addition to our Rover range, we also offer systems to satisfy the most demanding requirements, be these HD broadcast TV or long range air-to-ground or ship-to-shore applications.