GPS Compass NTS HS200 – New

GPS Compass Module

The Navtech NTS-HS200 GPS Compass provides TRUE heading from the GPS satellites. By simultaneous and coincident constellation tracking, two receivers with common processing derive the local GPS position, differential GPS corrections and heading with respect to True (geographic) North.
By using high precision differential carrier phase measurements heading accuracies to better than 0.5 degrees can be achieved with antennas separated on a 0.4 to 10 meter base line.
For dynamic applications tilt and turn rate sensing (gyro) aiding is included, configured by user commands. This provides high accuracy pitch roll and yaw measurements for a fully comprehensive attitude sensor.
A robust and comprehensive user interface with an isolated dc/dc power converter, RF signal path processing and dual port RS232 drivers provides a versatile heading sensor for a variety of applications that is not affected by magnetic deviation influences or variation offsets.

The user interface also provides filtered and current limited antenna power for the GPS antennas.



Interface Specification:

GPS antennas: Separation 0.4 to 10 meter base line via TNC or SMA(R),
Connections: Power: Mil 3 pin or DC Jack, Data: Mil 6 pin or D9
Power: 9 to 16 volts dc (0.25 Amps max)
Interface: Port A RS232 configurable baud rate (default 19,200)
Port B RS232 configurable baud rate (default 19,200)
Each port can output NMEA Messages $GPGGA, VTG, ZDA,
RMC, GSV & $HEHDT,$HEROT, $PSATHPR (pitch & roll)+
Binary data – all configurable to user requirement.