Rover Transmitters

Rover Transmitters

Rover transmitters are available in 100mW, 1W and 5W versions and are configured at the factory for either video-only or video and audio transmission.  The available frequency range covers 300MHz – 6GHz.

Standard transmitters have a composite video interface ( PAL and NTSC ), whilst our ‘HD-SDI’ unit integrates a high quality HD/SD downconverter providing simple connection to the latest HD-SDI cameras.

Video-only systems utilise JPEG-2000 video compression that provides a latency of approximately 100mS. Video / Audio / Data systems utilise H264 compression with a latency of approximately 150mS.

Generally the units are supplied with a set of pre-programmed channels, selected via a simple 16-position rotary switch. The channels can have different COFDM parameters ( e.g. QPSK or 16-QAM ), to suit requirements.

Typically channel bandwidth is 8MHz, but we offer narrow band options of 4,2 and 1 MHz.