Tracking Antennas

With modern COFDM wireless links the need for steerable tracking antennas has to some extent been surpassed by utilising Diversity Tracking receiver systems, whereby multiple receivers are each connected to their own antenna and combines the received data with the allied receivers to provide full 360 degree tracking.

For long range links however both analogue and COFDM transmission reception can benefit from a very high gain steerable antenna to gather the low level signals.

Navtech has developed solid state, switched sector, directional antennas that use comparative GPS location to steer the antenna from the receiver towards the transmission source. This together with auto-alignment using GPS heading measurements eliminates the need for surveyed antenna alignment towards geographic references.

High integrity solid state RF switch arrays have been developed to select the appropriate antenna determined by the relative heading of the transmission.

The Navtech MicroSector devices are representative of these tracking antenna systems.