Video OSD devices

A range of video on screen character overlay devices has been developed to meet various data /text display needs demanded by the CCTV and video distribution sector.

Our simplest is a fixed legend overlay device ‘Video-Text’ that accepts an input video source or alternatively generates a composite video with overlay for stand-alone applications.

User generated text overlay is accommodated by the ‘Tele-Type’ or ‘Video-Type’ devices. The latter has an integrated GPS receiver to provide coordinate overlay in latitude & longitude or OSGB grid.

‘Video-Tag’ was developed for dynamic video overlay of pertinent scene information along with absolute (atomic clock) time.

The latest ‘SD-OSD’ screen character generator may be configured for CVBS (composite PAL or NTSC) video or HDMI formats. The OSD data is generated as a jpeg file and stored on an SD card. This JPEG image is then used to generate a video image or ‘movie’ text presentation that can be configured to meet the user’s requirements.

Our ‘Telenav’® system invisibly adds GPS and other data into the vertical interval of a composite video signal such that the image is not overlaid with the data but is carried with the video over analogue wireless links. The received video may then be decoded and the original GPS data output as a serial RS232 message stream or overlaid on the video image.

During encode and decode a secondary video output provides several pages of overlaid data for dynamic monitoring of the GPS coordinate information, including time, date, altitude, velocity etc.