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    GNSS Compass

    Navtech produces a range of rugged, high performance GNSS compasses for applications that require accurate and reliable True North heading information together with pitch and roll attitude data.

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Welcome To Navtech Systems Ltd

Established in 1991

Based in the heart of the UK, Navtech provides electronic products and systems for professionals engaged in a variety of fields within security, TV broadcast, aviation and maritime operations.

Flexibility, innovation and independence are characteristics of Navtech’s approach.  Utilising our own specially developed product range together with equipment from a select group of technology partners, we provide high performance, cost effective system solutions for terrestrial, marine and airborne applications world-wide.

With its proven record of success around the Globe, Navtech delivers solutions for the secure, reliable transmission of video, audio and IP data using the latest technology, across both private (licensed) and public (license-free) wireless channels. Highly accuracy GPS technology is used for timing, position and true heading determination within control systems that operate in demanding, dynamic environments.

In addition to system provision,  Navtech is also regularly engaged to design and manufacture unique specialist products to meet demanding custom requirements.


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