Hex GPS Antenna Splitter NTS-DP6-L1.2 – New

The Navtech Systems Hex GPS antenna splitter NTS-DP6-L1.2 enables up to six GPS receivers to share a single antenna. Using a combined GPS low noise amplifier and power by-pass circuitry, the GPS antenna will supply amplified GPS signals from one or six receivers connected to the outputs at both the L1 & L2 GPS carrier frequencies (*option for band pass filtered L1* only). Antenna power supplied by diode isolation from any GPS receiver is by-passed to the antenna, enabling active antennas to be used as the primary signal source on any GPS installation. Termination of each GPS receiver input maintains correct antenna validity sensing for the GPS receiver being supplied with GPS signals from the quad splitter.
By simply inserting the GPS diplexer in the antenna feeder cable, using standard TNC or optional SMA connectors, the GPS signal is correctly terminated, amplified and split to the respective receiver.

• Frequency response for L1* & L2
• 1,575* MHz & 1,2276 MHz
• Flatness less than 3.5dB
• Noise figure less than 1.8dB
• 6dB min gain per port
• 50 ohm impedance on all ports
• Input & Output SWR less than 2.0:1
• Reverse Isolation greater than 49dB
• All ports pass antenna DC voltage
• DC input 3.1 to 5VDC
• Auxiliary 6 – 16V dc input option
• Current sense load less than 30mA

• Dimensions127mm x 50mm x 25mm
• Connections: TNC female input and output
• Operating Temperature: -40 to 75°C