GPS Compass Products

Accurate, real-time determination of the orientation of equipment and vehicles with respect to True North is vital for many systems. Navtech has produced a number of GPS-based compass models that enable control systems to receive accurate bearing information in real time. Updates at 10Hz are typically provided, but options are available for higher rates if required by the application.

Integrated inertial sensors and rate gyros are used to enhance the heading information and provide for continued operation in the event of temporary GPS signal loss.

These additional sensors also provide for applications requiring 3-axis control – pitch and roll information is delivered alongside bearing data with a choice of output serial interfaces (RS-232, RS-485 or Ethernet). Wireless delivery of the derived attitude data via Bluetooth is also available as an option.

Navtech’s compasses use two antennas, whose base line separation can range from as low as 27cm to several metres, dependant upon the physical mounting constraints of the equipment and the heading ‘accuracy’ and that is required.

Our compass models provide for requirements that need a single housing with integrated antennas (up to IP68 rating) or those that need the GPS antennas to be separately and remotely mounted on the equipment or vehicle.

Compact, small baseline models

GPS Compass NTS-HX102 series

Long baseline models

GPS Compass NTS-HX200-1m series

GPS Compass NTS-HX220 series