GPS Antenna Bias Tee – New

The Navtech Systems NTS-GPS-BiasT enables an external dc supply to be inserted into an antenna feed and the RF signal decoupled before passing onward to the GPS receiver. To overcome the receiver detecting a false antenna o/c fault the receiver port is terminated with a 200R resistor, similar to GPS Antenna Splitters.

The Bias Tee enables high voltage (+5V) antennas to be used with low voltage (+3v3) GPS receivers. Being a passive device it has no detrimental effect of the GPS receiver performance.

Insertion loss is very low and the Bias Tee has a pass band extending above and below the common GPS frequencies.

By simply inserting the GPS Bias Tee into the antenna feeder cable using standard SMA connectors, the GPS signal is passed to the receiver and an external dc supply inserted into the antenna feed.


  • GPS L1, L2 and other frequencies
  • Flatness less than 3.5dB
  • Noise figure less than 1.8dB
  • Insertion loss less than 0.9 dB
  • 50 ohm throughput
  • Input & Output SWR less than 2.0:1
  • i/p voltage to antenna 0 to 30V dc at 350mA max (Not s/c protected)
  • 200R receiver termination (prevents false antenna failure reporting)
  • Mechanical Specifications
  • Dimensions (connectors not inc’) Length 20mm x Width 20mm x Height 12mm
  • Connections: SMA female input and output; solder tag dc input
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +75°C