GPS Compass NTS-HX102 series


The Navtech NTS-HX102 GPS Compass range provides TRUE heading from the GPS satellites using two integrated antennae with a 27cm separation. Variants exist to cater for different serial data interfaces and environmental IP ratings.

For highly dynamic 3-axis applications tilt and turn rate sensing (gyro) aiding is included, configured by user commands. This provides high accuracy pitch, roll, yaw & heading measurements resulting in a very versatile attitude sensor.

A comprehensive user interface provides full control of the compass.

An isolated dc/dc power converter, specialised RF signal path processing and dual serial ports (configured as a combination of RS-232, RS-485 or Ethernet) provide for a wide variety of applications, with heading unaffected by magnetic deviation influences or variation offsets.


Power: 6 to 36 volts dc (3 watts)
Interface: RS-232, RS-485 or Ethernet
Each port can output NMEA Messages $GPGGA, VTG, ZDA, RMC, GSV &
$HEHDT,$HEROT, $PSATHPR (pitch & roll)+ Binary data – all configurable to
user requirement
Dimensions: 39 x 12 x 3.2 cm, Weight: 1.2Kg
NTS-HX102-(IP51) = IP 51 with 9-way D connector along edge or side
NTS-HX102-(IP66) = IP66 with Mil style connector underside
Connections: Power & data: Mil 7 pin, (optional 9 way D)