GPS Compass

GPS Compass

Navtech Systems has been involved with surveillance systems for the police and developed a product for use on long range surveillance systems.

The device is a low cost GPS heading reference – compass – that will provide sub1 degree accuracy with respect to true north. This can be used for the bore sight alignment of a long range telescope, video camera or the alignment of tracking systems (radars) used in such applications as border surveillance.

Furthermore the device can also provide Target Positioning using data from the camera/telescope/radar location, direction (heading) of pointing and the target range input given by a conventional range finder.

This device is an order of magnitude more accurate than a conventional magnetic compass and does not have variation or deviation errors. The only constraint is that the two GPS antennas must be mounted on the axis of the telescope or camera some 40 cm apart with a clear view of the sky.

The derived GPS position is differentially corrected for sub meter accuracy for location that enhances the system to yield inherent precision and ease of use. The user interface is comprehensive and flexible with standard interface protocols for simplicity of integration.

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